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Henrique Lázaro, ilustrador na zet gallery

Henrique Lázaro

Braga, Portugal

Desenho e Ilustração, Escultura, Fotografia, Pintura  |  4 Seguidores

As a student of painting, I tend to focus on the outer layer of the objects I make and admire. I try to map the surface of an object by revealing the particularities which define it. This process can be compared to cartography, palaeography or archeology - it is the search for...

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Obras de arte (2)
Meso, Pintura Acrílico Abstrato original por Henrique Lázaro
Meso, 2017
Torre de Babel 2, Pintura Tela Abstrato original por Henrique Lázaro
Torre de Babel 2, 2017