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Pablo Quiroga, escultor na zet gallery

Pablo Quiroga

Lisboa, Portugal

Escultura  |  1 Seguidores

Pablo’s work is composed of different kind of materials found in the street (seeds, leaf, feathers, pieces of blocks and cigarettes). He use them to make images that problematize the narratives of how to recreate the identity of a city (as Lisboa) with some symbols, for exampl...

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Obras de arte (2)
Sardomba e Poltrona, Escultura Técnica Mista Natureza Morta original por Pablo Quiroga
Sardomba e Poltrona, 2018
1200 €
Fungus portogalensis, Escultura Técnica Mista Natureza original por Pablo Quiroga
Fungus portogalensis, 2018
700 €