Anne Pangolin Guéno, illustrator at zet gallery

Anne Pangolin Guéno

Barcelona, Spain

Drawing and Illustration, Sculpture, Painting  |  2 Followers

Textile Design

E.N.S.A.A.M.A. Olivier de Serres, Paris
2008 - 2010

Fashion Design

La Cambre, Brussels
2010 - 2011


Aissa Dione Tissus - Dakar, Senegal
2009 - 2009
Collective exhibitions

"I Want to Live in an Abstract Maze" in La Hormigonera

This was a collective exhibition in La Hormigonera released with Basile Pesso during June 2013. In this exhibition, I showed for the first time my series of embroidered mazes named "I'm a Maze".

Collective exhibition in L'indiscret Gallery

This is a collective exhibition I participated to during all summer of 2013 with Basile Pesso and Oriol Jolonch. This time again, I presented my series "I'm a Maze".

Collective exhibition in Andrei Art Space

This is an exhibition which has taken place during Autumn 2014 in the gallery space of Andrei (Film director and photographer Jordi Azategui's work space and gallery). This was another occasion to show my series "I'm a Maze" next to Basile Pesso's photos.

Collective exhibition in Casa Gracià

This collective exhibition took place in September 2016. It was a presentation of best local artists/craftsmen from Barcelona. It took place in the exhibition space of Casa Gracià (in the famous Barcelona boulevard Passeig de Gracià). This was organized by Materia Terricola, design and art studio I'm collaborating with.

Rado Star Prize Spain - Madrid Design Festival - COAM

Exhibition of my Ouroboros Lamp in the COAM (Madrid architect's association building), with other finalists projects, as part of the Rado Star Prize Spain 2018.

Miniartextil - Humans

Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti - Como, Italy
The exhibition took place in Como (Italy) from the 29th of September to the 18th of November in Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti. I exhibited my artwork Where is my "Human" Mind ? along with 53 other textile artists from all over the world.

Miniartextil - Humans

Le Beffroi de Montrouge
I exhibited my artwork Where is my "Human" Mind ? along with 53 other textile artists from all over the world in Le Beffroi de Montrouge (near Paris).

Mesa de Illustradores del Flic Festival

Design Hub - Barcelona Design Museum
Selection and exhibition of some of my illustrations by Plom Gallery during the Flic Festival (childrens' literature festival) in the Barcelona Design Museum.

Miniartextil - Humans

Museo del Tessile - Busto Arsizio, Italy
I exhibited my artwork Where is my "Human" Mind ? along with 53 other textile artists from all over the world in the Textile Museum of Busto Arsizio (near Milan, Italy.

Miniartextil - Humans

Musée de la Dentelle de Caudry - France
A shorter version of the same exhibition in the Lace Museum of Caudry (north of France).

Innovation, Movement and Colour : Exhibition / International Tribute to Carlos Cruz-Diez

Galería Miluna - Barcelona
"Innovation, Movement and Colour" was a collective exhibitions with several other artists from different countries, which took place during November/December in the gallery Miluna (Gràcia, Barcelona), in the context of the international tribute to the Venezuelian-French kinetic artist, Carlos Cruz-Diez, after his death in Summer 2019.
Curatorial work and other works

Assistant for Alec Eiffel Agency

I worked as an assistant in the Alec Eiffel Agency from February to August 2012. I helped to organize two exhibitions in "Les Ateliers du Voyages" (Kuoni's group), a space situated in the 7th district of Paris. More precisely, I managed the visual communication part, the exhibitions' assembly and a bit of the organisational part ( e-mails, etc...)

Assistant and work partner of Basile Pesso

From August 2011, I've been the main assistant of the photographer, writer and now director of the web magazine Yes We Are Magazine. My position has evolved as I have been given more responsibilities especially in the visual communication field. I'm also his main photographic model.
Essays, articles, publications and other references

Anne Pangolin Guéno et Hiromi Murotani, récompensées à Montrouge pour Miniartextil 2018

Connaissance des Arts
Guy Boyer

Miniartextil - Humans

Bénédicte Philippe

Le Prix Montrouge distingue l’artiste textile Anne Pangolin Guéno

The Art Newspaper
Anne-Lys Thomas


L'Officiel Galeries et Musées
Anne Cuzon

Miniartextil : l'art de la fibre miniature à Montrouge

France Tv Info
Cécile Mathy

Sortir dans le 92 : le tissu sous toutes ses coutures à Montrouge

Le Parisien
Marie Briand-Locu


Arts in the City
Sarah M.

Miniartextil à Montrouge

Patrimoine de France

Ens Inspira - Anne Pangolin Guéno

Time Out Magazine Barcelona
Laia Beltrán

"Illustrated logo" for Hey ! Magazine

This competition's aim was to create an illustrated logo for the French magazine Hey ! . I won the second prize with my embroidered logo.

Safety shoes for UPS

This competition goal was to create a safety shoe concept for the UPS employees and then make a prototype. I was part of the 10 finalists.

Woodamp lamp in collaboration with Escalera de Incendios

This competion has been set up by Woodamp, a barcelonese company specialized in hand-made wood object and Escalera de Incendios a barcelonese gallery. The idea was creating and illustration a painting or anything to decorate a lamp model from Woodamp. I have been chosen as a finalist.

Rado Star Prize Spain

I was selected as one of the 10 finalists for Rado Star Prize Spain with my Ouroboros lamp. This contest is organized by the luxury watch brand Rado (Swatch's group) and aims to find the best young designers country by country.

Prix de la Ville de Montrouge/Miniartextil

I received The city of Montrouge (near Paris) Prize for my artwork Where is my "Human" Mind ? in the context of the international exhibition Miniartextil. The artwork is now part of the city's collection.
Other activities

Materia Terricola - Barcelona

Since 2015, I collaborate with the design and architecture studio and shop Materia Terricola, founded by Mar Sierra Marta. The place presents the best local design products.


Since 2018, I collaborate with Aixo, a barcelonese design shop mixing Nordic designs with local ones.