zet gallery is a platform for the dissemination of artists and contemporary art.
Its business model is based on the combination of digital marketing new strategies with the more traditional art gallery’s model. The aim is to promote a wide range of artists, representing a global world, allowing them to be safely and comfortably disseminated and marketed in their artworks, supported by a specialized team that works daily with commitment, enthusiasm and mission spirit.
Carefully selected artists...
... in order to guarantee to the platform users, our collectors, acquisitions that, on one hand, can meet different preferences (hence the plurality of proposals) and, on the other hand, correspond to safe investments on the only exclusive and unrepeatable asset: the artwork. There is a concern to maintain a multidisciplinary andintergenerational offer, which builds dialogues and obeys the criteria of democratization of access to the art market, both artists and collectors. To collect with zet gallery is to enjoy a service of excellence, personalized and ethically responsible.
Our space
In addition to the development of multimedia, informed and diversified content that zet gallery promotes in its various online channels, we also have the opportunity to support our curatorial strategy in a physical space of exceptional characteristics, located in the center of Braga (Portugal), with an exhibition area of 800 m2, distributed in different rooms, which are joined by a small auditorium, a room for workshops of plastic arts, as well as other support spaces, which include well-equipped reservation areas to condition works of art.
Every two months, a new exhibition
The zet gallery presents, on average, six exhibitions per year, collective or individual, whose selection of artists and works obeys a curatorial line and assumptions of quality and vanguard, associated to a dimension of social responsibility of the project, aware of its relation to the city and promoter of a reflexive dialogue on the contemporary and the daily, from the artistic object.

zet gallery and dst group
Being a commercial project, zet gallery is more than a platform or an art gallery: it comes from dst group, a holding company with about 1300 employees, and understands culture as a variable that modifies competitiveness. The group, in addition to the innovative zet gallery project, develops an important activity on cultural patronage, which includes a Literature's Grand Prize, support for theater companies (Companhia de Teatro de Braga and Comédias do Minho), Braga's Book Fair, book editions and, also, to the regular activity of University of Minho, referring only the most significant projects.
In this sense, we believe and reinforce with our action, the desire to spread the best of our artists' work...
...supporting them in the management of their careers and allowing them to achieve success with zet gallery. What we do, we do it with dignity, facilitating as much as possible the artist's work and always respecting his will and options.