INTERVIEW WITH THE COUNCILLOR OF CULTURE OF GUIMARÃES, ADELINA PINTO Artistic Residency in Guimarães Why choose this staircase and this site, here at Plataforma das Artes, to integrate this AMAR O MINHO project? We are here facing the Plataforma das Artes e da Criatividade, where we have the Centro Internacional de Artes José de Guimarães. … Continue reading

AMAR O MINHO – Interview with Mónica Mindelis

Interview with Mónica Mindelis Artistic Residency in Guimarães We were in conversation with Mónica Mindelis, who was in Guimarães developing a painting on one of the staircase that connects Avenida Conde de Margaride to Plataforma das Artes e da Criatividade. The artwork in public space is part of the AMAR O MINHO artistic residency program, promoted by the… Continue reading

Jay Rechsteiner’s Red Van

The Red Van is a collaborative research project between London gallery Chiara Williams Contemporary Art and Swiss artist Jay Rechsteiner, commissioned by WW Gallery, London. It is a nomadic sculpture that has three distinct functions: home/studio/gallery. It is a vehicle for experimentation, finding new models of living and working within the arts, as a gallery… Continue reading

A conversation with Moinho da Fonte Santa

The Moinho da Fonte Santa works as retreat for artistic creation dedicated to artists, performers, writers, investigators, musicians, etc… Through a residency program with the variable duration of a few days to three months, the space instigate the ideal of sharing and the contact with nature in a geographical area isolated on the margins of… Continue reading

Studio Talks with João Abreu

Studio Talks with João Abreu João Abreu is a particular intriguing artist due to the singularity of his work. Photography, Drawing, Audio, Sculpture, Video, Performance… he wants to explore, in a very bold way, the possibility to transpose sound to visible matter! We have visited João’s studio, whose projection has been materializing in various collective… Continue reading