FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Workshops Within the scope of the exhibition FIRST IMPRESSIONS, zet gallery is promoting a programme of education and cultural mediation by holding visual arts workshops with the Ukrainian artists featured in the exhibition. The workshops are free of charge and take place at zet gallery on Saturday mornings, from 10 am to… Continue reading

Evgenia Antonova – Testimony

EVGENIA ANTONOVA TESTIMONY    zet gallery has five artists from Ukraine in artistic residency for a year. On June 30th, dstgroup received the High Commissioner for Migrations, Sónia Pereira, in a session in which Evgenia Antonova was invited to share her testimony about the experience in Portugal and the artist residency at zet gallery. Read… Continue reading

We shall go with them into the Future

We shall go with them into the Future “I said, ‘I wonder what it means’, not ‘Tell me what it means.” New Yorker Cartoons, cartoon caption by Will McPhail, 2017 1. Adriana Oliveira 2. Alberto Rodrigues Marques 3. Bruno Rodrigues Martins 4. Daniela Pinheiro 5. Diogo Nogueira 6. Inês Nêves 7. João Campolargo Teixeira 8…. Continue reading


WE SHALL GO TO THE FUTURE At dstgroup we have a passion for books and reading and, in the middle of a pandemic period with our campus far from its usual life and close, on some days, to the image of a ghost town, José Teixeira, Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of… Continue reading

zet gallery and dstgroup open six grants for artistic residences for Ukrainian female artists

ZET GALLERY AND DSTGROUP OPEN SIX GRANTS FOR ARTISTIC RESIDENCES FOR UKRAINIAN FEMALE ARTISTS   From today, Ukrainian refugee female artists can apply for one-year artist residency grants, opened by dstgroup and zet gallery. These six grants comprise the allocation of €1000/month and free accommodation. During this year, zet gallery will also organise an exhibition… Continue reading

The grace of metaphysics

The grace of metaphysics Valter Hugo Mãe Art is a pure manifestation of metaphysics, an essential dimension that alludes to what is insinuated in the matter, but it is above all longing for spirit, some kind of simulation of the soul to give us the true size of existence and possible transcendence. I begin by… Continue reading