Henrique Palmeirim Lázaro

A COUPLE OF STRUCTURING AND LIQUID THINGS Henrique Palmeirim Lázaro by Helena Mendes Pereira   “I paint, I scratch, I think”, a phrase from another artist, Miguel d’Alte (1954-2007), born in Braga, also an experimentalist and a fighter against creative oppression. Henrique Lázaro (b.1995) was born in Lisbon, curiously, but he has always been from… Continue reading

Carla Gaspar

A COUPLE OF STRUCTURING AND LIQUID THINGS Carla Gaspar The project O Corpo em Mim (The Body in Me) was developed in partnership with the Backstage Dance School, in Braga, and its dancers Rosália Passinhas, Júlio Cerdeira, Inês Barroso and Isabel Almeida. O Corpo em Mim (The Body in Me) consists of a set of… Continue reading

Acácio Viegas

A COUPLE OF STRUCTURING AND LIQUID THINGS Acácio Viegas Everything is impermanent, yin which is the expansive force gives rise to yang which is the con- tractive force and yang gives rise to yin incessantly. It seems and following this law that governs all things and that I learnt in the study of Macrobiotics and… Continue reading

A Mar (The Sea) by André Rangel

A COUPLE OF STRUCTURING AND LIQUID THINGS A Mar (The Sea) by André Rangel Hav, Kai, More, Meer, Mer, Sea, Deniz, Mare, Mope, Morze, Zee, Meri, Farraige, Tenger, Jūra, Mier, Maro, Meri, Morie, Moře, Dagat, Môr, Laut, Deti, Sami, Mare, Segara, Teku. Sea, the prima mater. Sea is a masculine word in Portuguese, but in… Continue reading

2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle

“2 or 3 choses que je sais d’elle” is the name of a film that Jean-Luc Godard (FR, 1930) directed in 1966, the same year as “Masculin féminin” and “Made in USA” and after a series of productions in which the Nouveau Réalisme, from which the Nouvelle Vague cinema derives, attentive to the social condition… Continue reading

Interview with João Louro

Interview with João Louro Helena Mendes Pereira: Do you consider that the image and the exposed social construction of women are different today than it was in the 1950s/60s/70s? In what way does that vision of yours have an expression in your work? João Louro: I have no doubt about it. There have been steps, small… Continue reading


ABOUT TODAY João Louro (b.1963) is one of the most original Portuguese artists of his generation. One of the best, I venture. “ABOUT TODAY” is the individual exhibition that zet gallery thought and created with him and that shows the premonitory and reflective character of his work. In a selection of about ten and a… Continue reading


SÃO VICENTE CÁ FORA: OTHER WAYS TO INTERVENE IN THE CITY In the vicinity of the National Pantheon and even in a time of pandemic, Lisbon thinks and acts on its public space. These days, in plain sight, the artistic intervention of Alberto Rodrigues Marques, Henrique Palmeirim and Hugo Castilholinks the concepts of art, sustainability,… Continue reading