Top 5 Sales in art auctions 2015

Art auctions -Top 5 Sales 2015 2015 was a particularly challenging year for art auction houses and investors from around the world! Although the “oficial” report numbers haven’t been released yet, you don’t need to search too hard to realize how often the phrase “record sale” was used this year! Contemporary art is more capitalized than ever,… Continue reading

“Giacometti: Pure Presence” at National Portrait Gallery

Suggestion for the weekend: “Giacometti: Pure Presence” at National Portrait Gallery Until Januay, 10th, the National Portrait Gallery exhibits the show “Giacometti: Pure Presence”, focusing on a less well-known aspect of one the giants of modern art. Fascinated by the artistic complexities of evoking a human presence, Giacometti is presented in this exhibition as a family man, … Continue reading