FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Workshops Within the scope of the exhibition FIRST IMPRESSIONS, zet gallery is promoting a programme of education and cultural mediation by holding visual arts workshops with the Ukrainian artists featured in the exhibition. The workshops are free of charge and take place at zet gallery on Saturday mornings, from 10 am to… Continue reading

2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle

“2 or 3 choses que je sais d’elle” is the name of a film that Jean-Luc Godard (FR, 1930) directed in 1966, the same year as “Masculin féminin” and “Made in USA” and after a series of productions in which the Nouveau Réalisme, from which the Nouvelle Vague cinema derives, attentive to the social condition… Continue reading

‘KAWS’ at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Weekend Suggestion: ‘KAWS’ at Yorkshire Sculpture Park This is the first UK exhibition of the renowned American artist KAWS, whose wide ranging practice includes painting, sculpture, graphic design, toys and prints. At this exhibition, on display until June, 2016 you can find KAWS’s figure in diverse and immaculately crafted materials (a fluorescent pink Michelin man in fibreglass, a figure… Continue reading

“Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture” at Tate Modern

Weekend suggestion: “Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture” at Tate Modern Tate Modern presents the UK’s largest exhibition of one of the most important artists from the 20th century, Alexander Calder.  “Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture” displays more than 100 of Calder’s pieces, proving his essence of turning a static object into a continually changing work. The exhibition, open until the 3rd of April, also… Continue reading

“Giacometti: Pure Presence” at National Portrait Gallery

Suggestion for the weekend: “Giacometti: Pure Presence” at National Portrait Gallery Until Januay, 10th, the National Portrait Gallery exhibits the show “Giacometti: Pure Presence”, focusing on a less well-known aspect of one the giants of modern art. Fascinated by the artistic complexities of evoking a human presence, Giacometti is presented in this exhibition as a family man, … Continue reading

The 10 most bizarre public sculptures

The 10 most bizarre public sculptures It is true that art can assume the most varied forms and contours. It is also known that its interpretation is absolutely open and dependent on the connoisseur. Therefore, is it wrong to catalogue an artwork as “bad art”, considering that this concept doesn’t even exist. Correct? The truth is, maybe not. We have selected… Continue reading