ANA MONTEIRO: Layers of the Self

ANA MONTEIRO: Layers of the Self The figurative style and the self-portrait are two of the great particularities that characterise the work of Ana Monteiro (PT, 1990), who justifies the use of these properties due to the ease of the emotional connection with her works, appealing to the capacity of communication, understanding and transformation. Through… Continue reading

Interview with João Louro

Interview with João Louro Helena Mendes Pereira: Do you consider that the image and the exposed social construction of women are different today than it was in the 1950s/60s/70s? In what way does that vision of yours have an expression in your work? João Louro: I have no doubt about it. There have been steps, small… Continue reading


INTERVIEW WITH THE COUNCILLOR OF CULTURE OF GUIMARÃES, ADELINA PINTO Artistic Residency in Guimarães Why choose this staircase and this site, here at Plataforma das Artes, to integrate this AMAR O MINHO project? We are here facing the Plataforma das Artes e da Criatividade, where we have the Centro Internacional de Artes José de Guimarães. … Continue reading

AMAR O MINHO – Interview with Mónica Mindelis

Interview with Mónica Mindelis Artistic Residency in Guimarães We were in conversation with Mónica Mindelis, who was in Guimarães developing a painting on one of the staircase that connects Avenida Conde de Margaride to Plataforma das Artes e da Criatividade. The artwork in public space is part of the AMAR O MINHO artistic residency program, promoted by the… Continue reading

Jay Rechsteiner’s Red Van

The Red Van is a collaborative research project between London gallery Chiara Williams Contemporary Art and Swiss artist Jay Rechsteiner, commissioned by WW Gallery, London. It is a nomadic sculpture that has three distinct functions: home/studio/gallery. It is a vehicle for experimentation, finding new models of living and working within the arts, as a gallery… Continue reading

A conversation with Moinho da Fonte Santa

The Moinho da Fonte Santa works as retreat for artistic creation dedicated to artists, performers, writers, investigators, musicians, etc… Through a residency program with the variable duration of a few days to three months, the space instigate the ideal of sharing and the contact with nature in a geographical area isolated on the margins of… Continue reading

Studio Talks with João Abreu

Studio Talks with João Abreu João Abreu is a particular intriguing artist due to the singularity of his work. Photography, Drawing, Audio, Sculpture, Video, Performance… he wants to explore, in a very bold way, the possibility to transpose sound to visible matter! We have visited João’s studio, whose projection has been materializing in various collective… Continue reading