Fernando Marques de Oliveira

There is in Fernando Marques de Oliveira’s work (n.1947) the architecture’s space observation’s duality, on urbanism and city forms with the delicacy of fine painting and firm forms. In 2017, after a withdrawal period from the art market, only interrupted by the exhibition at gallery Pedro Oliveira in 2012, the artist appears again in the… Continue reading

From the earth

Will be curious, to say the least, that “Zeus is divinity with vices and human virtues”. Obviously, we humans have to make an effort to tell a story or legend that respects our understanding. How would fit in our heads that Zeus, Hera and Europe could relate to each other as they relate to irrational… Continue reading

Tribute to Paula Rego

The movie “Paula Rego, Stories and Secrets“, by her son Nick Willing, is a fundamental document, not only for the understanding of the work of one of the greatest names in Contemporary Art, but above all as the example of what differentiates an Artist from one artist, that is, that distinguishes timelessness and legacy, from… Continue reading

Luís Canário Rocha’s Cities

Luís Canário Rocha (born in 1986) is from Guimarães, Portugal, and has an academic background in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. The influence of the Academy and methods is felt in the virtuous trait, on the one hand and, on the other, in the process of experimental investigation…. Continue reading


ABSTRACT OR DECONSTRUCT The aesthetic debate of artists and intellectuals of the twentieth century was marked by arguments of tendency in favor of abstraction in the plastic arts or pro in relation to the most figurative languages, with their multiple variables. The post-war moments were particularly fruitful in this discussion, maintaining the presupposing actors of… Continue reading

TOP 10 Most Expensive Artworks of 2016

TOP 10 Most Expensive Artworks of 2016 Although 2016 has been devastating to most of the artistic contexts, with immeasurable loss of personalities, not everything that happened is bad news. Despite the slowdown in the art market during 2015, this year the online art market sector registers an increase of 24%, a favorable position also accompanied by the traditional auction houses. Discover… Continue reading

The Periodic Table of Modern Art

Click here to see the image with zoom Impressionism A movement that emerged from nineteenth century France, inspired by the painting Impression: Sunrise (1872) by Claude Monet. The Impressionists rejected the artistic conventions of the time and were motivated by the influence of light and movement on the perception of a landscape. Adopting loose brushstrokes,… Continue reading