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Alberto Péssimo, painter at zet gallery

Alberto Péssimo

Porto, Portugal

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Carlos Dias was born in Mozambique Island in 1953, where he lived until the age of 8.
In 1961, moved to Portugal, first to Benfeita (Arganil), then to Coimbra and finally settle in Porto, the city where he currently lives in.
Bachelor in the School of Fine Arts of Porto. E...

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Artworks (3)
A Crucificação, original Big Hardboard Painting by Alberto Péssimo
A Crucificação, 2015
A criação da mulher, original Body Hardboard Painting by Alberto Péssimo
A criação da mulher, 2015
Minotauro, original Animals Tissue Sculpture by Alberto Péssimo
Minotauro, 2015