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Ana Maria Pintora, painter at zet gallery

Ana Maria Pintora

São Félix da Marinha, Portugal

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Born in Lisbon in 1959.
In 1982 she completed the Philosophy course at Faculdade Letras do Porto, starting her activity as a teacher. At the same time, she began her artistic career in several fields of Visual Arts.
Has collaborated in the area of animation with the com...

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Artworks (4)
Pintura de "Horas", original Abstract Mixed Technique Painting by Ana Maria Pintora
Pintura de "Horas", 2021
A Árvore da Cartuxa, original Abstract Watercolor Painting by Ana Maria Pintora
A Árvore da Cartuxa, 2020
Os Oradores, original Abstract Oil Painting by Ana Maria Pintora
Os Oradores, 2020
L´Offre, original Body Acrylic Painting by Ana Maria Pintora
L´Offre, 2019