zet gallery has five artists from Ukraine in artistic residency for a year.

On June 30th, dstgroup received the High Commissioner for Migrations, Sónia Pereira, in a session in which Evgenia Antonova was invited to share her testimony about the experience in Portugal and the artist residency at zet gallery.

Read her testimony below.

Credits: Tiago Carvalho | dstgroup

“I had read in art history books about artists who had run away from the war. And I never thought that it could become part of my reality.

This is a difficult experience, but thanks to this experience I saw different parts of this world and society. Also, only in books did I read about patrons who knew what the power of art meant and understood its importance and that also became part of my reality.

It’s difficult for me to call myself a refugee. First of all, I am a woman, an artist, and a mother.

The fundamental feeling for a woman is a sense of security, and I agree with this. But also, for me as an artist, one of the basic needs is work.

I am grateful to Portugal, dstgroup, and zet gallery, for the opportunity to be safe and to be able to continue my work. The care and attention that I receive here are like a gift from the universe. And this is truly a gift because to live in a safe city, in a comfortable apartment, and to continue working are usually simple things, but as it turns out in the 21st century, these can be a luxury. And what you are doing is not only helping Ukrainian artists, but you are also giving hope to this world.

Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to be here.”