Alberto Rodrigues Marques and Ricardo Pistola. Initial phase of the intervention. Photography: Helena Mendes Pereira.

Ricardo Pistola
’s project required a collaboration due to the lack of time and to the dimension of the wall. It was, then, suggested for me to participate on the preparation of this painting, and, therefore, I am grateful for the experience. Since the first day that Ricardo and I created a proximity of ideas, which allowed us to create a certain affinity, necessary for the success of the work.

He is a simple person without big complexes, very approachable, who likes to make the others feel good. Ricardo’s conversation is directed to an expansive cultural and artistic background. Early on he delegated a big trust on my help and left me at ease with the concern I revealed about the error. He has always shown an interest in overcome himself, being this mural his larger work until now and there is no doubt that it is something very well executed and great quality has been achieved.

Since the transport of paint cans, to the primary drawing with wire and the application of the color, those were six days of learning and good moments. Obviously, everyone has different ways to do things and Ricardo’s ways are extremely useful and practical. Inadvertently, Ricardo made grown on me more confidence and ambition. The motivation that I feel at the end of this work is big and is only possible due to his solidarity and respect.

It has never been difficult for me to make a project that isn’t mine, neither criticize something that I would do differently. The difficult part was always giving my best and present a solution for what I disagreed on. Freedom is something that we acquire with time and with it also comes the credibility.

Since the begining I always belived in  this work, and liked it and that were two esential requirements to my willingness to learn with it.

I belive, above all, that I had made a new friend and had known a great work. I would like to collaborate again with Ricardo and develop other bolder projects. The challenge puts us more alert, takes us out of the comfort zone and catapults us into what we want to be.

Artistic intervention finished. Photography: Wapa.

The work of this fine artist makes reference to the materials, or rather, tries to present a material by their physical abilities, affirming them by their capabilities of saturation, opacity and transparency. It is an abstract and experimental work.

In the context of the skatepark, the image makes reference to the ramp shape and the skaters movements. The space construction focused on depth: deconstruct the idea of ramp and path to create an imaginary space where we could ride a bike, a skateboard, a skates etc.

The ramps, the quarter, the spain, the pool and the handrails are various elements where  those who will use the space can choose where to go. At the same time that mural can be travelled from the left to the right or vice-versa, from the inside to the outside and again to the inside. There isn´t a rule of how to travel into that space, there is a will of travel it with an imaginary.

Artistic intervention and Skate Park. Photography: Wapa.

From the compositional point of view
, the painting is off-centered. The beiges of the biggest shapes accentuate the depth using two diferente shades, a clear one and a dark one, where the real luminosity doesn’t make sense. The pieces contain in themselves an inverse luminosity that pushes us to the off-center where we can start that path; the path  is accentuated by the green harms with the complementary orange to accompany, like this was the agent that goes through the painting.

In conclusion, we have a site specific where those who will project themselfs won’t be affraid of a more painful fall. The flies will be high and long, the maneuvers bold and well executed, the routes… those will be by choice.

Assistant Curator