How to find the right frame for your artwork?

After buying the artwork that was missing at your space, comes the time to make a decision that is also important: choose a frame for it. Finding a frame that is suitable for the artwork, without obfuscating its protagonist, may reveal itself more difficult then you initially thought.

It’s not just about properly framing the artwork and making it look more showy and distinct! There are a lot of details to consider, such as the material, the craft, density, size, but above all, the color you are going to choose, which can make the piece look amazing or a total disgrace.

The choice of a frame is, obviously, related to your personal taste but there are a few rules that you need to consider:

1- Use with caution: crafted frames

Frames with too much craft may be a risk. Unless you have concluded that the artwork you bought is not that fascinating, and you don’t want to focus the attention on it, you should keep in mind that a frame with a lot of details may suffocate the artwork.

2- The thumb rule

The margin between the artwork and the frame will set the balance of the visual image. Again, if you don’t want the frame to steal all the attention, you should consider that the margin should be wider than the thickness of the frame or smaller than the width of the frame.

3- Nothing against passe-partout

Passe-partouts can be great allies to margins! Besides allowing you to be bold with stronger tones, that helps “separate” the image from the frame making it more appealing visually, it also avoids that the image touches the glass.

4- Artworks with warm tones

If the artwork has a lot of textures and warm colors (red, yellow, orange, pink), the best thing to do is to choose a frame with the same tones to avoid creating too much contrast.

5- Abstract artworks

If the artwork you want to frame is an abstract piece with too much information, maybe the best option is to choose a discrete frame.

6- Furniture VS Artworks

We completely understand that you thought about every detail regarding the decoration of the space, and that you do not want a frame that will ruin the complements to your decorating skills, but remember: it is more important that the frame matches the artwork and not the area that surrounds it.

7 – It’s an artwork not a mirror

Every time that you use glass to complement your frame, choose an anti-reflection glass! You are hanging an artwork on the wall, not a mirror.

8- The importance of cleaning

Not least important is the cleansing of the frame. Use carefully (we suggest) a cloth or a brush to clean the dust.


These are some useful tips for those that already own an artwork, but that’s not all! Do you need to fill in a white wall but you haven’t found the appropriate artistic work yet? Don’t worry! We have another advice for you. Go to shair’s platform and choose among the 5000 unique artworks, under the categories of painting, sculpture, photography and drawing and illustration. After choosing the right artwork you just need to read this article again, and enjoy the beauty that the artwork will bring to your space.