The importance of buying original artworks

Owning original artworks seems to have acquired, over time, a status of “elite”, and is seen as a “conquest” only possible to a few. For the “average people”, acquiring an artwork is summarized in buying a piece from a commercial shop, massively reproduced, hidden in the idea that the quality/price relation and the final result will be satisfactory enough.

But don’t be fooled by the thought that to buy a original artworks you have to spend a small fortune. Online art platforms, such as shairart, have democratized the access to art, regardless of geographical location, but more than that, gave talented emerging artists, whose works can still be purchased at very appealing prices, with the extra of having an exponential growth potential, the opportunity of reaching art lovers from all around the world. Meaning: anyone can buy and collect original art! Yes, anyone. Without any specific knowledge of the art market, experience in collecting or academic degree in art history. All that is required is passion, a little research on some important data, and the ability to recognize a fair price for quality.

It is undeniable that an original artwork brings a dynamic to a space that no other item has the ability of. Art shows immediately the personality and taste of the homeowners, besides being a great topic conversation as well. More, you have a little bit of the artist that is unique! No one else, in the entire World, has an artistic creation that looks the same, and the depth and intensity of that is so strong, the emotional connection to an original artwork is so magical that you can’t find a substitute to it.

Still, it must be noted that buying art is a very personal moment. There is no such thing as good or bad art, and there is no right or wrong way to start buying and collecting original artworks. Whatever the motivations, the amount of money that you are willing to spend or where and when you want to buy, the most important thing is to choose artworks that we really love, and that instinctively connect and communicate with us.