Investing in art: 3 reasons for men

When the university golden years come to an end, we are obliged to pretend that suddenly we are independent grownups, capable of maintaining an organized house, plus having a job that makes us leave the house every day and, on top of that, at 8 am!

Still, the initial nightmare is substituted by a curious and, let’s admit, pleasant sensation of responsibility  and our old “self” of crazy academic night outs gives way to a new being: a productive and, imagine that, tasteful person that wants to transform his/her house in a nice and beautiful space.

Between cheap décor and visits to IKEA, we fill up our house with impulse purchases, with the company of that friend that joins us on those difficult times, picking out objects of different colors and styles.

Investing in art: 3 reasons for men

Times of change: Investing in art

The real tip of this text starts here! Let’s be honest, when we want a television to see that obvious offside that was stolen from our team, or to play with our game console to decompress from a long day of work, no price is exaggerated.  The same rule is applied to the sofa, which is the foundation for all these decisive moments for the rest of mankind.

How can we not understand that the same investment logic should be made on the rest of the objects that embellish our space? Saving is about not listening to our female friends (open to interpretations) and follow our characteristic intuition of long term planning.

Therefore, saving and planning are two big mantras! Obviously you already know where this rule leads… Decorate your house with artworks of emerging artists of course. Not only this is a unique and exclusive way of enhancing your good taste, but also the process is exactly the way we like the most: online and simple. Having doubts? Here are the 3 main reasons why investing in art is an asset on decorating a house.

1-Art as investment

Let’s ditch the wall paint, brushes, and visits to the decoration stores next door. The money you save on those small impulse purchases will be tunneled to a unique piece of emerging art. For less than 100€ it’s possible to buy art online, unique pieces with the possibility of growing its value.  This is money that does not loses value and does not get stuck on the walls.  Art is a safe investment.

2- Personality reflected on the wall

There is nothing like impressing our guests. People that chose to buy art with a decorative purpose are, automatically, associating themselves with the intrinsic qualities of concepts like good taste, refinement and exclusivity. Besides that, through the thematic of the pieces it is possible to use artworks as a statement of your personal tastes (sports, nature, etc).

3- Personal Inspiration

The purchase of a work of art has to be made, mainly, for you. Your involvement with the artwork will transform every appreciation and that way you will always notice something new each time you engage with it.

Got curious? Want to invest but do not know where to start? Check out shair’s artworks selection!