zet gallery invites all artists currently represented at the platform for the dissemination and commercialization of contemporary art (www.zet.gallery) to present formative proposals, which will take place at zet gallery (Rua do Raio, 175, 4710-923 Braga, Portugal).


1. Purpose

a) to promote the contact between zet gallery’s audience and the group of artists represented by it;
b) to make possible the accomplishment of several training actions to the referred group of artists;
c) to increase the possibilities of informal transmission and sharing of knowledge between artists and public;
d) to proliferate the development of competences of the creative processes of the plastic and visual arts.

2. Conditions

a) All the artists must be represented by zet gallery at the time of the launch of the Open Call (April 5, 2019) until the application deadline (May 5, 2019), regardless of the category of artistic production (painting, sculpture, photography, drawing / illustration), nationality, language or current area of residence.
b) The application may be submitted individually or collectively, provided that at least one of the proposed trainers is an artist represented by zet gallery on the dates indicated (point 2.a).
c) The proposed training action may be of a single or regular periodicity.
d) Prior to the course of the action, zet gallery guarantees the creation of the communication materials, its promotion, the contact and clarifications necessary to the interested parties, the management of the registrations and articulation of the process with the trainer(s).
e) In the course of the action, zet gallery ensures the opening of the space where it will take place; the presence of at least one member of the gallery’s team and the possible support needed in the course of the action.
f) The amount indicated by the trainer should be what he wants to receive for each enrollment in that action.
Example: €10/registration (minimum: 10 enrolled, maximum: 20 enrolled). This point is explained in section 4.

3. Application process

The proposal must be sent by e-mail to the address info@zet.gallery until May 5, 2019.
The attached document, in PDF format, should contain the following mandatory information:

a) Name of the artist (s) / trainer (s) and short CV
b) Title of the formative action, brief description and target audience;
d) Technical needs related to space (video projection, access to water, etc.);
e) List of materials required and indication if they are guaranteed by the trainer or trainee;
f) Proposal of date and/or time; minimum and maximum number of subscribers and value per enrolment.

Note: The email may also include link to site, publication, photographic record and/or video of previous actions similar to the proposal, provided that they are made by the author(s) of the application.

4. Disclosure

All submitted applications will receive, without exception, a response from the zet gallery team via email until May 31, 2019. During the process of the proposals’ evaluation, the artist submitting an application may receive a contact by phone or e-mail from zet gallery in order to request more information or clarify any question. The results will be published on www.zet.gallery.

5. Billing

zet gallery is responsible for receiving the registration fee from the trainees and issuing the respective invoice to each one. To the amount indicated in the submitted application document, corresponding to what you want to receive by streamlining the action (regardless of your tax situation). Will be added a margin, to negotiate, referring to the cost of the use and maintenance of the space of the gallery, presence of a member of the team, the dissemination of the formative action and management of inscriptions. The refund to the trainer is made by sending a receipt/invoice. Example:

• Amount indicated by the trainer: € 10/registration
• Minimum and maximum number of subscribers: 10/20
• Margin of zet gallery: € 2/registration
• Final registration fee: € 12/person
• Amount that the artist will receive: between €100 and €200 (by number of subscribers)

Braga, April 5, 2019
zet gallery’s team