Valentine’s Day Crush: shair is in love with Centre Pompidou

There once was a love story between two not so different artistic institutions.

It all started when shair fell deeply in love with the Centre Pompidou.

Portugal and France are quite far away, but shair could not resist the amazing exhibition program that the Centre Pompidou has been developing, bringing to curious art lovers the possibility to get to know the work of some very important and amazing artists: Kandinsky, Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Francis Bacon, Sophie Calle, Louise Bourgeois, Jeff Koons and more.

Besides that, shair’ s passion grew even more when it discovered that the Centre Pompidou has been supporting young international artists by presenting their work at ‘Espace 315’ (an exhibition space located in the ‘South Gallery’of the centre) in very interesting ways. In 2013 for example, there was the “Image into Sculpture” exhibition that demonstrated the relationship between a younger generation of artists with sculpture and installation. Also every year the latest winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize is invited to produce a solo show at the ‘Espace 315’.

This love story had everything to be absolutely perfect to begin with, except for a tiny detail… Its foundation is (still) unilateral. The Centre Pompidou was living its always very busy daily routine, without knowing that in the land of the once fearless navigators, shair was hoping for the day this majestic building would notice its existence. Digressing about ways of making a move on its lover, shair concluded that the most direct strategy would be to get noticed beyond the borders. Cautious, as usual, shair chose Spain to be the first country to start drawing the attention of the artistic market “studs”. After that, being shair an appreciator of a good “accent” it moved to England looking to make others jealous with the “breath taking” artistic spaces from the lands of her Majesty the Queen. The next step is not difficult to guess… Paris. The city of love and, (not) coincidently, the city of the Centre Pompidou.

Let’s place some bets about the end of the story?

shair reveals its crush for Centre Pompidou

shair reveals its crush for Centre Pompidou