The contemporary artwork of Matteo Negri

Born in Milan in 1982, Matteo Negri has been revolutionizing the conception and imaginary of the art world, thanks to his contemporary paintings and sculptures, finalised with hues that are used as  an expressive instrument itselves.

Graduated in sculpture by the Accademia di Belle Arti at Brera, Negri has been conquering his space and legacy in the art market, as evidenced by the numerous invitations that he receives to participate in art fairs, be represented by galleries, and develop specific projects for public institutions and private foundations.

In addition to his contemporary paintings, in his creations, Matteo Negri experiences to work and compile different materials such as marble, resin or ceramics. The result is some wonderfully striking pieces, with a very highlighted aesthetic concern, and with a kind of approach to popular culture. The first and most acclaimed project of the italian artist is called “mines” and consists in a construction and manipulation of materials, so that they resemble Legos. With this “reinterpretation” the pieces lose the “form” concern, and communicate as metaphor of subjectivity .

Matteo Negri - Esculturas Contemporaneas Lego
Matteo Negri - Esculturas Lego
Matteo Negri - Quadro Contemporaneo Lego
Matteo Negri - Quadros Contemporaneos - Lego
Matteo-Negri-@-ABC-ARTE - Quadros Contemporaneos