How to sell artworks online and become a global success

The competition is fierce in the art world, and it’s no longer enough for an artist to just create his work and wait for others to promote them to potentially interested people. Today, an artist must also be able to reinvent himself, have the ability to understand and think the market, and work with the tools at his disposal, in order to bring notoriety and visibility to his creations. Promoting your own work is an essential way of attracting potential buyers, projects or collaborations, and nothing suits that purpose better than the online world. So, it is essential to realize the importance of selling your artworks on the internet!

  1. Make your work search engine friendly

One of the first places people tend to look for new artists is through popular search engines.  But It’s not necessary  go too deep in the SEO world… you just need to make sure that your website and social accounts are synchronized. Adding a blog to your website is also a great way to share your inspiration and write other relevant content. Beside that, it is also importante to create a professional contact email to start building trust, and, in the last instance, sell your artworks online. 

  1. Be noted in social media

Social networks have expanded at a frantic rhythm, and now it’s just as common to receive contacts through social accounts as it is to be approached through websites. Needless to say that you should use, mainly, the media that prioritize image, such as instagram, flirck, pinterest or behance. Think of these platforms as alternative ways to display your portfolio and reach new people, and try to add a link to your main website on the images.

  1. Join online galleries

Traditional exhibitions in physical galleries aren’t the only way to exhibit your work. Online galleries also allow artists a secure space to exhibit and sell, bringing together, in the same space, authors at different professional stages and art lovers, making the communication with stakeholders more efficient. Sell artworks on the internet can prove to be a more agile source of income than the usual physical ways.

  1. Become part of a community of artists

Of course you want to stand out from the competition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t) support other artists. Joining specialty groups will not only allow you to find other creative people, but  also turn into a source of inspiration. Networking is as important in this area as it is in any other business field and can help you  grow as an individual artist. communities of artists can result in collaboration opportunities to improve your profile and show your work to other people.

  1. Look for art events

If you do some research you might be surprised at how many art events or fairs are going on around the country. You can even take part in workshops, conferences or art classes.