Back and Forth, original Abstract Canvas Drawing and Illustration by Maria João Faustino
Back and Forth, 2014
Nascimento do Ser, original Abstract Acrylic Drawing and Illustration by Acácio  Viegas
Nascimento do Ser, 2015
Escarpulas em Espinha, original Big Charcoal Drawing and Illustration by Mário Américo
Escarpulas em Espinha, 2013
RN 2, original Abstract Collage Drawing and Illustration by Sílvia Simões
RN 2, 2014
Sílvia Simões
Sem título, original  Silkscreen Drawing and Illustration by Júlio Pomar
Sem título, 2000
Júlio Pomar
Maquete #4, original Abstract Acrylic Sculpture by Ana Pais Oliveira
Maquete #4, 2016
Film(scapes): L04-08CONS-P-800, original Abstract Analog Photography by António Coelho
Film(scapes): L04-08CONS-P-800, 2015
Bodegón de los madroños, original Still Life Digital Photography by Cecilia Gilabert
Bodegón de los madroños, 2010
Sem Titulo, original Body Acrylic Painting by Pedro Pascoinho
Sem Titulo, 2015
Pedro Pascoinho
Cena originária, original  Acrylic Painting by Gregório Múcio
Cena originária, 2014
Mr.Filipe, original Human Figure Canvas Painting by Sérgio Pimenta
Mr.Filipe, 2015
Tiro 180, original Landscape Canvas Painting by Alexandre Coxo
Tiro 180, 2015