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Ana Sofia Sá, illustrator at zet gallery

Ana Sofia Sá

Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Drawing and Illustration, Sculpture  |  2 Followers

Having a deep interest in the landscape, mainly natural, and an eagerness to return to a primary, living state, and following the era of mass production and immediacy, I look for a slow “wandering path”, starting from an intimate relationship with the material and the artistic...

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Artworks (4)
Natureza, reflexo do ser, original Nature Paper Drawing and Illustration by Ana Sofia Sá
Natureza, reflexo do ser, 2019
S/Título, original Places Mixed Technique Sculpture by Ana Sofia Sá
S/Título, 2017
Sem título, original Body Plaster Sculpture by Ana Sofia Sá
Sem título, 2016
retorno, original Body Plaster Sculpture by Ana Sofia Sá