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Hilde Provoost, pintor na zet gallery

Hilde Provoost

Diest, Belgium

Pintura  |  1 Seguidores

Since many years Hilde Provoost is working as an independent fine artist who works and lives nearby Brussels. Although she has followed courses in glass stained lead and ceramics, her medium is painting. She makes abstract works in which she tries to sober, minimalize, the mod...

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Obras de arte (3)
Indolence, Pintura Técnica Mista Figura Humana original por Hilde Provoost
Indolence, 2011
2200 €
Champ de lumière, Pintura Tela Abstrato original por Hilde Provoost
Champ de lumière, 2015
1200 €
We're too sexy for your stuff, Pintura Técnica Mista Mulher original por Hilde Provoost
We're too sexy for your stuff, 2015
1490 €