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Zé Teibão, ilustrador na zet gallery

Zé Teibão

Guimarães, Portugal

Desenho e Ilustração, Pintura  |  3 Seguidores

Zé Teibão is best known for his coffee and pen illustrations, as well as different approaches to art, such as paintings with acrylic on wood. Born in Guimarães (Portugal) this self-taught artist is influenced by many different artists from various movements, such as Salvador D...

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Obras de arte (2)
Untouching, Pintura Acrílico Corpo original por Zé Teibão
Untouching, 2016
600 €
Eye Coffee Clouds Over Desolate Mountains , Pintura Acrílico Abstrato original por Zé Teibão
Eye Coffee Clouds Over Desolate Mountains , 2016
800 €