Paintings sales achieved in pixels

It continues active, until April 2016, the unprecedented fundraising campaign, launched by the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (MNAA), for the acquisition of the artwork “A Adoração dos Magos”, by the portuguese painter António Domingos Sequeira (1768-1837).

Similarly to what has been already done by some international museums, although in an absolutely unique initiative in Portugal, the MNAA proposes to everyone interested to join this “collective purchase” of this previously private artwork, so that it can be displayed publicly at the Museum. “In moments  of financial difficulties like these, this has become an international mechanism often used by museums. In Portugal will be the first time.” said António Filipe Pimentel, director of the MNAA, to Lusa.

The most extraordinary and charismatic thing in this paintings sales universe is that, to sponsor and support “A Adoração dos Magos”, people can actually buy pixels on the website. Each pixel costs six cents and were already acquired 1,276,742 of them. So far, have been raised about 76 605 euros, from the 600 thousand euros needed to buy the painting. Those who prefer the more traditional methods can still contribute by making a donation using bank transfer, check, or by putting the wished value in the two boxes that are placed inside the museum.

This work is part of the serie “Palmela”, which preparatory studies, except for the oils, are in the museum’s private collection.