Buy art online as an investment

Investing in stocks, real estate funds or any of those traditional options, is getting increasingly outdated! As seen in that fatidic ‘Black Monday’ from which the art world did not escape, financial markets and art industry are more related, not only because of the artworks’ prices (art auctions are breaking records), but also because buyers are seeing their collections as investments that may be used in future loans.

Last year, the art market has exceeded the levels reached before the economic recession, generating sales of 51.2 billion euros. That is to say that art is already being considered an interesting active and that the collector has understood that a nice artwork, acquired today at an affordable price, can achieve more 0’s in a médium / long distance.


The good news is that it has never been easier to buy art online wisely. The internet offers the art market great potential for growth and change. The e-commerce art platforms have facilitated, by far, the acess to artworks that seemed inaccessible before, but more that that, not only the way that art is sold, but also for what and by whom it is purchased. Anywhere in the world it is now possible to buy art online, regardless geographical location, from any device with an internet connection, and receive it at home comfortably. Obviously, the precautions concerning this method are as many, or even more, that in the tradicional models of buying a piece of art:

  1. Always buy artworks that you like and believe to be a good investment. If any piece is looking to much of a bargain, consider that there can be something wrong with it. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find great deals.
  2. As with any purchase of substantial value, it is also crucial to do a research when you want to buy art online. Clarify the authenticity of the works, the artist’s journey, return facilities, just as you would if you were buying in a physical gallery.
  3. Visit exhibitions, biennials and art shows, visit galleries and museums
  4. Pay special attention to the dimensions. Viewing an image on a screen can induce in absolute error.
  5. Find out more about the logistics and shipping costs. With the “internationalization” of the art market it is very important that this contours are absolutely specified. Will the artwork be shipped in pieces? Or will the structure be fully assembled?