A Mar (The Sea) by André Rangel

A COUPLE OF STRUCTURING AND LIQUID THINGS A Mar (The Sea) by André Rangel Hav, Kai, More, Meer, Mer, Sea, Deniz, Mare, Mope, Morze, Zee, Meri, Farraige, Tenger, Jūra, Mier, Maro, Meri, Morie, Moře, Dagat, Môr, Laut, Deti, Sami, Mare, Segara, Teku. Sea, the prima mater. Sea is a masculine word in Portuguese, but in… Continue reading

Opening- ‘Electronic Superhighway’ at The Whitechapel Gallery

Weekend Suggestion: Opening- ‘Electronic Superhighway’ at The Whitechapel Gallery The Whitechapel Gallery opens its first 2016 exhibition called ‘Electronic Superhighway’, a retrospective on how the artists have adopted and used technology over the past six decades. The exhibition explores how the invention of the computer and the internet, with its YouTube and Instagram and image manipulation, have… Continue reading

Top 5 Sales in art auctions 2015

Art auctions -Top 5 Sales 2015 2015 was a particularly challenging year for art auction houses and investors from around the world! Although the “oficial” report numbers haven’t been released yet, you don’t need to search too hard to realize how often the phrase “record sale” was used this year! Contemporary art is more capitalized than ever,… Continue reading

Buy art online as an investment

Buy art online as an investment Investing in stocks, real estate funds or any of those traditional options, is getting increasingly outdated! As seen in that fatidic ‘Black Monday’ from which the art world did not escape, financial markets and art industry are more related, not only because of the artworks’ prices (art auctions are breaking records),… Continue reading

Contemporary Artworks – TOP 10

TOP 10 contemporary artworks   Kumi Yamashita – Profile (1994) Kumi Yamashita sculpts using light and shadow. He builds single or multiple objects and place them in relation to a single light source. The complete contemporary artwork is therefore comprised of both the material (the solid objects) and the immaterial (the light or shadow). Guy… Continue reading

The largest digital biennial

The largest digital art biennial The second edition of ‘The Wrong‘, the world’s largest (if not unique) digital art biennial is already happening. The particularity? This biennial takes place, simultaneously, in the digital world and in different physical spaces. Inaugurated on the 01st of November, it aims to create, promote and encourage digital contemporary art, making a positive forward-thinking, through… Continue reading

Art for all! Just one click away

Art for all! Just one click away Embedded on the context of the 18th edition of the Cerveira Biennial 2015 (18th July to 19th September), adjacent to the theme “Looking at the Past to Build the Future”, the International Contemporary Art and Museology Conference, focused on the theme of the production and musealization of the… Continue reading