The largest digital art biennial

The second edition of ‘The Wrong‘, the world’s largest (if not unique) digital art biennial is already happening. The particularity? This biennial takes place, simultaneously, in the digital world and in different physical spaces. Inaugurated on the 01st of November, it aims to create, promote and encourage digital contemporary art, making a positive forward-thinking, through an event that gathers the best art, selected by the best, while embraces the young talents of today’s exciting digital art scene.

Art exhibitions in virtual galleries

The biennial is divided into online places and physical locations around the world. On the digital side, you can  visit “pavilions”,  virtual spaces where the selected artworks are displayed. Offline, the biennial is developing in artistic spaces, galleries and other institutions, with exhibitions, workshops, performances and talks. Each of the biennial’s official pavilion has a team of curators who is responsible for the show, and there are no obligatory theme.

The Wrong (again), por Stefan Saalfeld.

The Wrong (again), by Stefan Saalfeld.

Running for three months, here you can meet the work of over 90 curators and 1000 artists, spread over more than 60 online pavilions and 40 physical spaces. It is important to remember that the artistic material is being revealed daily, due to the duration of the event.

Just 10 minutes a day

The access is absolutely free for both participants and visitors. “It’s a three month long event, so the visitor can literally spend ten minutes a day on one pavilion, and it will take two months to view the whole biennial”, encourages the founder of ‘The Wrong‘, David Quiles Guilló .