The “ACTUM – Open Call for Artistic Projects” initiative aims to support artists from the city of Braga, during a time when it is imperative to emphasise culture and promote artistic creation.

The 25 artists chosen for this second edition come from different areas, with various creative processes, from painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, among others. Walking through this art itinerary, we find the field of photography with Carla Gaspar, Guilherme Maranhão, Maria Salgado, Marta Pinto Machado, Miguel De, Mooca Fixe and Tiago da Cunha.  Here digital photography is used as well as stereoscopic photography, which are mixed with other mediums.

As we go up to the first floor we come across Ana Marlene Lima, Ana Monteiro, Ana Paula Assis, Carlos Augusto Motta, Joana de Carvalho e Silva and Manecas Camelo in the painting area, where they use acrylic and oil on canvas or linen as main materials.

In terms of sculpture and installation, there is a great diversity of works represented by António Jorge, Carolina Mendes, Miguel Neves Oliveira, Rafael Alves, Teresa Ricca, Tomé Capa and Vânia Kosta, where various techniques are covered, from polychrome iron to wood, fabric or plaster.

Finally, in the audiovisual field, we make reference to Bruno Rodrigues Martins, João Acciaiuoli, Joaquim Simões, Sofia Peixoto and Vivaldo Franco, who also bring us the aspects of short films, experimental videos and video installation.

The commitment and dedication put into this stage can be felt in each of these creations, which try to contribute to a more cultured community, more capable of reflection, opening the horizons of the population through the artistic dimension.

Drawing inspiration from everyday themes such as the ensuing pandemic situation, love, friendship, individualism, mental health and concern for the future, the exhibition critiques the fickle society we live in. There would thus be no better place to house this collection than the historical space of the Casa dos Crivos.

Visitors will come across a diversity of talent, a breath of much-needed fresh air that will make us plunge into the narratives of the works as if we were immersed in creativity.

It is certain that whoever visits this exhibition will not leave indifferent.

Rita Fonseca