ACTUM The “ACTUM – Open Call for Artistic Projects” initiative aims to support artists from the city of Braga, during a time when it is imperative to emphasise culture and promote artistic creation. The 25 artists chosen for this second edition come from different areas, with various creative processes, from painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video,… Continue reading

2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle

“2 or 3 choses que je sais d’elle” is the name of a film that Jean-Luc Godard (FR, 1930) directed in 1966, the same year as “Masculin féminin” and “Made in USA” and after a series of productions in which the Nouveau Réalisme, from which the Nouvelle Vague cinema derives, attentive to the social condition… Continue reading

Opening- ‘Electronic Superhighway’ at The Whitechapel Gallery

Weekend Suggestion: Opening- ‘Electronic Superhighway’ at The Whitechapel Gallery The Whitechapel Gallery opens its first 2016 exhibition called ‘Electronic Superhighway’, a retrospective on how the artists have adopted and used technology over the past six decades. The exhibition explores how the invention of the computer and the internet, with its YouTube and Instagram and image manipulation, have… Continue reading