Be a collector

Be a collector is shairart’s appeal for now and for the future, based on the goal of democratization the access to art and its market for artists and collectors.

Artworks are the only product, in an increasingly global market, truly unique and unrepeatable. Collections are significant elements in our attempt to build the world, and our effort to understand them is a way of exploring our relationship with our surroundings. Collecting art is the only guarantee, in an increasingly impersonal and liquid society, in which we lay the defining future matter of the human being that we are – also unique and whole.

The arrival of a new team at shairart, and of a consequent new concept, was also made by the discovery of the artists who had left here artworks in deposit, becoming these the chosen ones to integrate our collection. In the process of reorganizing the collection, Diogo Goes (n. 1989), Francisco Ferro (n. 1954), Florisa Novo Rodrigues (n. 1991), Luís Freitas (n. 1985) and Miguel Neves Oliveira (n. R. Gritto (n. 1976) were the artists, with a history of collaboration with shairart, who presented themselves as representative of the contemporary artistic production of the new millennium’s tendencies: figuration of a realistic or neorealist tendency; a growing appreciation of the artist’s perceptive drawing and technical skills; the re-use of materials from daily life and nature in artistic creation, in a kind of re-reading of the ready-made Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) and interpretation of land art messages; the de-sacralization of the artwork, above all, by the variety of supports, so called less noble; and also the mark of the artists who question the conventional, the decorative, the museological and the commercial.

Each of the selected ones, within a total area of about 800 m2, can be enjoyed by the public in an individual space where his work has been carefully exposed. This is not, therefore, linearly a collective show, but an invitation to a journey to six unique and unrepeatable universes, which are interrelated through architecture and curatorship, in the intrinsic challenge of spreading art and artists, facilitating the reading of Its productions by all audiences, without exception, in the same logic of democratization, tangible to the whole shairart’s project.

Helena AM Pereira, shairart’s Chief Curator