Christian Baes

Behind the Rain Braga

The short-sighted relation with the space in the liquid world.

Behind the Rain Braga is an invitation to reflect on our relationship with space in the liquid world.

In the construction, whose focus between planes forms the myopic image, the encounter with the water makes the concrete diffuse and fluid, disarms the extreme sharpness of the digital photogra- phic image, and the artistic work is created. Such frequency is extended to the sensitive listening of textures and sound ambiences present in our urban everyday life. Behind the Rain Braga is a fra- meless narrative that demands our perception and interpretation of space, in a constructed world increasingly distant from the sense of presence.

To the inhabitants and people, whose architecture of the city of Braga is familiar, we can add to this provocation the affective search for the identification of the places where the works were carried out.

Inspired by the readings of Zygmunt Bauman, Hartmut Rosa and Henri Lefebvre, I transit here through the artistic flexibility and the sensoriality of the photographic image without distancing myself from the sociological essence that has formed my gaze.

Photography is not an object. It is a sensation.

Christian Baes

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