shairart’s 2nd anniversary

shairart’s 2nd anniversary To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we decided to launch a small internal competition: 15 minutes, to draw our best “artwork” in freestyle! Since we could not, obviously, reach a consensus on the winning work, we need your help to determine which member of shairart’s team is victorious. VOTE ON THE ARTWORK THAT YOU LIKE THE MOST! Click on your… Continue reading

Buy Art Online – The Ultimate Guide

BUY ART ONLINE – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE Colecting or investing? The first thing that is essential to keep in mind is that collecting art and investing in art are two different things. There are collectors who are dedicated to buy art from an investment perspective specifically looking for a financial return. In this case, it… Continue reading

Famous oil paintings

Famous oil paintings Although the oil paint first began being used by the Chinese and Indian people to produce Buddhist paintings, somewhere between the V and the X century, the technique did not have great popularity until the XV century. Around that time, oil painting became the main production technique and its possibilities were widely… Continue reading

Watercolor painting tradition

Watercolor painting tradition Watercolor painting is one of the most beautiful and oldest strands of artistic creation. It is assumed that its appearance is parallel to the invention of paper and the brushes made with rabbit fur, over 2000 years ago, although only in 1550 John White, in charge of registering the customs and lives… Continue reading

Famous Artworks – Top 5

Famous Artworks – Top 5 The Art History is also told through paintings, translated by the hands of the artists who, in many cases, have not seen their work recognized at their own time. More than a mere categorization of the artistic similarities, which allows the creation of artistic movements and currents, artworks are an expression… Continue reading

The contemporary artwork of Matteo Negri

The contemporary artwork of Matteo Negri Born in Milan in 1982, Matteo Negri has been revolutionizing the conception and imaginary of the art world, thanks to his contemporary paintings and sculptures, finalised with hues that are used as  an expressive instrument itselves. Graduated in sculpture by the Accademia di Belle Arti at Brera, Negri has… Continue reading