The grace of metaphysics

The grace of metaphysics Valter Hugo Mãe Art is a pure manifestation of metaphysics, an essential dimension that alludes to what is insinuated in the matter, but it is above all longing for spirit, some kind of simulation of the soul to give us the true size of existence and possible transcendence. I begin by… Continue reading

A Mar (The Sea) by André Rangel

A COUPLE OF STRUCTURING AND LIQUID THINGS A Mar (The Sea) by André Rangel Hav, Kai, More, Meer, Mer, Sea, Deniz, Mare, Mope, Morze, Zee, Meri, Farraige, Tenger, Jūra, Mier, Maro, Meri, Morie, Moře, Dagat, Môr, Laut, Deti, Sami, Mare, Segara, Teku. Sea, the prima mater. Sea is a masculine word in Portuguese, but in… Continue reading

‘KAWS’ at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Weekend Suggestion: ‘KAWS’ at Yorkshire Sculpture Park This is the first UK exhibition of the renowned American artist KAWS, whose wide ranging practice includes painting, sculpture, graphic design, toys and prints. At this exhibition, on display until June, 2016 you can find KAWS’s figure in diverse and immaculately crafted materials (a fluorescent pink Michelin man in fibreglass, a figure… Continue reading

Opening- ‘Electronic Superhighway’ at The Whitechapel Gallery

Weekend Suggestion: Opening- ‘Electronic Superhighway’ at The Whitechapel Gallery The Whitechapel Gallery opens its first 2016 exhibition called ‘Electronic Superhighway’, a retrospective on how the artists have adopted and used technology over the past six decades. The exhibition explores how the invention of the computer and the internet, with its YouTube and Instagram and image manipulation, have… Continue reading

“Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture” at Tate Modern

Weekend suggestion: “Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture” at Tate Modern Tate Modern presents the UK’s largest exhibition of one of the most important artists from the 20th century, Alexander Calder.  “Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture” displays more than 100 of Calder’s pieces, proving his essence of turning a static object into a continually changing work. The exhibition, open until the 3rd of April, also… Continue reading

“Giacometti: Pure Presence” at National Portrait Gallery

Suggestion for the weekend: “Giacometti: Pure Presence” at National Portrait Gallery Until Januay, 10th, the National Portrait Gallery exhibits the show “Giacometti: Pure Presence”, focusing on a less well-known aspect of one the giants of modern art. Fascinated by the artistic complexities of evoking a human presence, Giacometti is presented in this exhibition as a family man, … Continue reading