The largest digital biennial

The largest digital art biennial The second edition of ‘The Wrong‘, the world’s largest (if not unique) digital art biennial is already happening. The particularity? This biennial takes place, simultaneously, in the digital world and in different physical spaces. Inaugurated on the 01st of November, it aims to create, promote and encourage digital contemporary art, making a positive forward-thinking, through… Continue reading

The presidential artistic choices

The presidential artistic choices From the moment that John Adams, the 2nd President of the United States, took the White House, there was a concern to decorate the space with artworks, although always with relatively safe and traditional choices such as historical paintings, landscapes, and of course, portraits. The truth is that art does change… Continue reading

ArtPrice’s Top 50 Contemporary Artists

ArtPrice’s Top 50 Contemporary Artists Artprice,  the company that examines all the information about the art market, has released their annual list of Contemporary artists by annual sales. This 2015, Jean-Michel Basquiat comes out on top, again, but at a much lower level than last year! Next, you cand find Christopher Wool and Jeff Koons, even though the… Continue reading

Surveillance art: yey or ney?

Surveillance art: yey or ney? For many this could be a new term… for others not so much. Using surveillance systems as a form of art is not exactly a novelty anymore, and emerged as a critic to the enhancement of surveillance imposed by a few governments plus the technology used to achieve it, especially… Continue reading

When art and music meet

When art and music meet Art is famous! Surely you’ve noticed that a growing number of renown celebrities from the music world and show business have been associating art to their image. Then there are other celebrities that actually make artworks of their own, which allows the dissemination of art among the media, confering it… Continue reading